PEAK Mileage Capture for Grey Fleet

The fact you are reading this probably means you understand the phrase Grey fleet. If not (because it is an industry term) it essentially means someone driving their own car but for business purposes as opposed to someone who is given a company car.

Ok now we have cleared up that lets explain how PEAK is perfect for Grey Fleet Drivers.

The Problem

For many organisations grey fleet mileage creates a problem. Unlike company cars where you can gain a regular update of the mileage and know what car is being used, with grey fleet this is not an option. This lack of clarity creates ambiguity which can result in problems for the employer and employee.

Problems include

Overestimation of Mileage – with no odometer readings to compare to mileage claims (and no right to ask) you are wide open for the less scrupulous drivers to claim whatever they feel comfortable with for that last business trip.  Very few organisations will admit it goes on but we hear the horror stories (see the rogues story below)

Phantom Trips – We spoke to a local authority recently that had discovered four employees traveling 200 miles in one car for a training course.  The problem is that all four of them had claimed the mileage.  If undiscovered this would have cost an extra £672.

Poor Compliance – If HMRC conduct an inspection of your mileage how do you go about proving grey fleet mileage?  If it seems difficult that’s because it is, not to mention time consuming.

The Solution

The PEAK system is perfect for Grey Fleet mileage as is uses GPS for accuracy but the GPS recording devices can be used in any vehicle and follows the driver not the car.  This means that PEAK will record all business mileage accurately to within a few metres.

The PEAK system ensures that drivers get to claim for every business mile they drive and not a mile more or less.

How It Works

The simple 5 step process.

  1. Choose APP / Or Dongle
  2. Record Mileage
  3. Upload and Complete Claim
  4. Submit
  5. Report


Quick to set up

Using our GPS systems your drivers can be up and running in minutes not days.  Even with the GPS trips stick just sends it in the post, the driver plugs it in and voila.  You are up and running.

Works in any Vehicle

If your vehicle has a 12v Cigarette lighter socket then you can use the Trip Stick.  If not then record mileage using the iPhone app.

No Big Brother

Privacy is paramount and we understand that. The initial foundation of PEAK was to create a mileage expenses system that uses GPS without big brother.  This commitment is now stronger than ever.  If you want to hide personal trips then you can, it’s that simple.

Fair and Compliant

Route mapping services like, Google, AA and others are great and we wonder what we used to do without them… the problem is that we rarely follow the exact route that they prescribe.  Our “local knowledge” and the traffic report we have just listened to on the radio all influence the trip we take.  The PEAK system makes mileage expenses fair by recording the exact trip you take including all detours and short cuts

You don’t need to change your current systems!

If you are reading this and you work for a large organisation and you are thinking… “this all sounds great but we have an expenses process and to change this will take me months of meetings and report writing” then don’t worry.  PEAK does not need to completely replace your system but can work alongside it.

We have a number of organisations who use the speed and efficiency of PEAK to collect their mileage and then still require the mileage info to be typed into the good old expenses system.  The benefits are tangible as it makes the process much quicker and significantly improves accuracy. 

Have a think… Are there some high mileage drivers in your organisation that could benefit?

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