10 Ways to make mileage accurate and create a mileage policy

Quick Overview

Clear policy: Making your policy clear and easy to understand will help drivers and approvers claim for the right things in the right way. This will avoid confusion, save time and money.

Fair policy: Make your policy fair to avoid drivers needing to even think about how they can invent ways to weight it in their favour! A policy that is not adhered to can increase the risk of inaccuracies, cost leakage and scrutiny from HMRC.

Get detail: Make sure that drivers provide the right detail. That way you can pay the right amount and properly assess where and when drivers are travelling.

Make it simple: Don’t make the policy too complicated. Drivers react better to something that is easy to understand and will stick to it. This will make it easier to audit and ensure that drivers stick to the rules.

Make it easy: Make the process easy and keep it to what is required. Things that are complicated will be left to the last minute and this will lead to inaccuracies.

Make it accurate: Ensure that you still get sufficient information to support the mileage claim and stand up to audit.

Staff training: Help drivers and authorisers to get things right and avoid confusion by providing training. Practical hands on training or using ‘You Tube’ type videos are very effective in getting the messages across and show how to and how not to do things.

Clear Guidance: Clear and well constructed guidance is invaluable. Support the training with materials that are easy to find, navigate and use and act as a reminder to drivers and authorisers on a day to day basis.

Stick to the rules: Make sure that the rules aren’t bent for ANYONE. It is easy for a Manager to try and cut corners to make things easier or more beneficial for their best/favourite team member. Not only is this dangerous and can lead to leakage and compliance risks, it is often the tip of the iceberg and can lead to everyone bending the rules and an erosion of policy.

Clear Sanctions: Sanction those that break the rules, where innocent mistakes escalate and lead to deliberate breaches/abuses of policy you must take action. Be sure to do this quickly, effectively and wherever possible publicly. There is nothing more powerful to deter someone thinking of abusing the system than to see someone caught doing it being quite harshly punished.