5 Useful things to do with GPS data

Quick Overview

Mileage Reporting: using GPS data to capture the journeys you undertake is great. GPS data is accurate, fair and does the hard work for you. Using PEAK www.peakmiles.com all you need to do is decide if a trip is business mileage or personal mileage.

Sales Reporting: Want to see what your sales team are up to then GPS can help. You can run a report to see which clients have been visited, when they were visited and how long the meeting lasted. Use this data to make your sales team even more effective.

CO2 reporting: Legislation in effect from October 2013 means that the top 1,100 UK companies will have to measure greenhouse gasses and their CO2 footprint. GPS data on vehicles can be very useful to make this easy. In PEAK Miles www.peakmiles.com just click the CO2 report and see the accumulation as it occurs.

Journey Optimization: Could you team be more productive when visiting clients and prospects. Using GPS data and third party journey optimizing solutions you can measure your drivers current journeys, make recommendations and then check to see if these have been utilised. On larger vehicles such as HGV saving in excess of 30% on fuel costs have been seen.

Driver risk profiling: Are your driver’s spending long hours often at night driving around the UK? If you are not sure then GPS data can help you to get a handle on this. This data can then be used to create an accurate risk profile. Using a drivers risk profile you can then apply relevant training to reduce your employees road risk and to reduce the chance of accidents.